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Few subjects are off the menu for this site. Of course, any topic covered will always be in light of Scripture. Nevertheless, any attempt at presenting its truths through my writings will never be accepted by everyone, nor should it. I am just a fallible man, and at times in need of correction from someone with greater wisdom and a better understanding or insight on the topic I present. The reader will not see eye to eye with the author on every post, blog, article, or book. This is the way it should be. Years ago, I would not have agreed with some of my writings found here, for its in stark contrast to what I had learned or been taught. The reason for this, I have followed the approach and methodology of the Jews at Berea (Acts 17:10-11), who not only listened to the teaching of the Apostle Paul but studied and researched the Scriptures to confirm it was truth, which he taught them. In so doing, they became believers. This method or approach to learning does not just pertain to “religious” doctrines but extends to every subject I write about, whether it’s science, or finance, law, or gardening.

The articles and books on this site will present at times, a contrary or conflicting view to things the reader has been taught or believed, maybe held to all their life. Among those “contrary” subjects for the reader may be the Theory of Evolution, age of the Earth, tithing, vaccinations, “End Times” no-dig gardening, and a host of other issues. For each book or posted topic directly taught in the Bible, there is a mountain of Scriptural evidence supporting the views advocated. For those views, the reader disagrees with, consider it a challenge, a reason to dig a bit deeper into Scripture. Please do not just become angry and ignore the Biblical admonition: “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him” (Prov. 18:13).

This site endeavors to point people to the truth, to teachings, from which will come answers to the seemingly overwhelming problems which face so many individuals and whole nations. Knowing the truth will help them better engage and connect with others, with the ultimate intention of advancing the Kingdom of God, and making this Earth a better place when our time comes to depart earthly life.


The mysterious force, the essence of being,
Existence, subsistence, God’s power you’re seeing.
The vigor and spirit, the zest and the verve,
A living being means God’s somewhere near.

He’s upholding, sustaining, all things within sight,
And things that we don’t know that pass in the night.
All power and skill, puissance and brawn,
God’s mercy and love in living beings is shown.

Dirt by itself, inert it will be,
Inactive and static, no movement you’ll see.
And stones do not grow, a fool you’d soon be,
To think that they’ll eat or grow into a tree.

A creature deceased, devoid of all life,
Cannot be brought back, it will never live twice.
It won’t be revived; it grows cold just like ice.
Only the power of God can give life.

All wisdom and power, and strength to the Lord.
All honor and glory, He gives life by His Word.
Only beings can He cause to exist.
Only fools refuse to believe this.


Open space is what I see,
As I gaze up heavenly.
Beyond the sky it’s dark as night.
No single bird is there in flight.

No whispered sound in that cold realm.
Just emptiness does sure abound.
No wee small voice does emanate,
From galaxies way out in space.

No hostile being of flesh and blood,
Will ever come from space above.
No comet streaking from the sky,
Can bring strange life to make us cry.

Only God can beings create.
No strange aliens did He make.
Only angels and Elohim,
Are there in space, but can’t be seen.

Time and seasons the stars divide.
The moon is close; it brings the tide.
The tide is near twice a day.
It cleans the shore in its way.

The boundlessness of open space,
Shows God’s great power, His warm embrace.
Though stars and galaxies do teem,
And God fills all in-between,
Only this planet He does encase,
With special love and His grace.

“The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the firmament sheweth his handywork.”
Psalms 19 : 1