The Path Life Takes


Interweaving poetry and prose, the author takes us from his youth in the heartland of America through a radically different life in the Philippines. Infused with humor and grace, passion and piety, we are privy to lessons learned through a multifaceted and highly interesting life. Across multiple trials, the unendurable loss of a child, the author’s rediscovery and embrace of God, these writings reflect the author’s evolving philosophy and deeply felt beliefs. Filled with love and sorrow, triumphs and failures, renewal, redemption, and ultimate fulfillment, this book proves both inspiriting and inspirational.

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Reindeer Don’t Fly


Reindeer Don’t Fly: Exploring the Evidence-Lacking Realm of Evolutionary Philosophy

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What will the reader learn from the thought-provoking, comprehensive, and compelling new book Reindeer Don’t Fly by Michael Earl Riemer? They will uncover the numerous shortcomings and misconceptions of evolutionary doctrine. But most importantly, for those who are pastors, preachers, parents, high school and college students, and all others who need answers to the excess of false evolutionary dogma paraded before them (“science falsely so called” I Tim. 6:20), the reader will learn the answer to questions such as: 

·         Scripture records that there was a world-wide flood, so where did the water come from?
·         Where did the water go after the flood?

·         Is there enough water to cover Mt. Everest?

·         Is there a reliable method scientists can use to date the age of the earth?

·         Is there life in outer space?

·         Did people really co-exist with dinosaurs?

·         What was the pre-Flood world really like? 

·         Can animals evolve; change from one kind of creature into another species? 

·         If the theory of evolution is invalid and worthless, why do so many scientists and others promote this  teaching?

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“The objective reader cannot ignore or dismiss the heartfelt passion, laser-like logic, and well-reasoned arguments posited throughout this book.” – Freelance editor Bruce Victor Zatkow

“I’ve been reading your book and really enjoying it. It’s refreshing to read something from a more intellectual viewpoint…Such a treasure trove of great information and logical illustrations” – Columnist Chris McMahan

“…your book! I thoroughly enjoyed it, was challenged by it, learned from it, and grew from it.” – Researcher, writer, and speaker, Michelle Smallback

“…having read books similar in topic as yours and comparing them, I found Reindeer Don’t Fly involving the reader while some of the others were very hard to read. You make the book personal with stories and experiences you had. The stories allowed the reading to not become cumbersome.” – Director of Headwaters Christian Youth, Mike Prom

“I read the first 60 pages and then scanned through the rest of it. Looks really good…You dealt with the fundamental impotency of evolutionism—its inability to explain the origin of organic life… Well-documented and convincingly argued…I am definitely interested in carrying this book as one of our titles in our website bookstore.” – Edward E. Stevens, International Preterist Association


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Riemer’s book is non-technical and delivered in a discussion-based format. In addition, it has a lot of reference materials from all sides of the divide, hence, readers will be well equipped to decide for themselves as to their standpoint. Furthermore, to those readers who choose creationism, they will learn to appreciate more the wonders of creation and learn how best to employ the resources designed by God: as an example, I was especially intrigued by the “back to Eden method of organic gardening” practiced by one Paul Gautschi. Based on his method, it doesn’t matter what kind of soil (sandy, rocky, clay, etc.) someone starts with, “within a few years one would be harvesting nutritious produce from those very spots without removing any small rocks or digging the ground first!”… – by Wyland


It Was at Hand

 In this provocative new book, Michael Riemer uncovers the contradictions of dispensational “end times” theology. Riemer argues that the false emphases that Dispensationalists have placed on the “imminent second coming” and the “Rapture” have led many Christians to a life of unfruitful speculation, rather than service and love. Instead of finding new ways to spread the Gospel and to bring a blessing to the world, Dispensationalists have inclined Christians toward a bunker mentality-live separate and wait to be spirited away.

In plain and engaging language Riemer traces many of the excesses of the Dispensationalists, including their wildly contradictory dating of the end of the world and their wrenching of the context of many prophecies of Scripture. He gaves a clear exposition of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks. He also provides an insightful discussion of Jesus’ Olivet Discourse, in which he arugues convincingly that the original listeners and the first-century church would have understood Jesus’ words of warning in the context of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD, not some Tribulation to occur two thousand years later.

All in all, Riemer chastens many modern American Christians for the arrogance that has led to the notion that we are the special ones, the ones privy to the secret knowledge of the latter dispensation. He calls for humility and a return to the great theological traditions of the Church that have been passed down through the centuries.

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America’s Overpopulation Predicament: Blindsiding Future Generations

This book will rock you because you can’t ‘unread’ it once you’ve digested the facts. Everything is supported by verifiable sources.  This book documents that the human race is in deep trouble in the 21st century. At the same time, I offer solutions…somewhat harsh, yet realistic in the last three chapters!

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America’s 200-Year War with Terror: The Strange Case of the Treaty of Tripoli

For years secularists have tried to use the 1797 Treaty with Tripoli as evidence that the founding of America had nothing to do with the Christian religion. A more thorough study of the Treaty and the history behind it tells a different story. One big lesson of that history is that the United States government hasn’t learned much since 1797 in dealing with radical Islam. Destroying “the sword of the spirit” (Eph. 6:17) which is able to pierce “as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart” (Heb. 4:12) will only lead to ongoing wars with bullets, missiles, tanks, and worse. To learn the true story behind this controversial subject, download a free copy of my book America’s 200-Year War with Terror: The Strange Case of the Treaty of Tripoli.

Identifying the REAL Last Day Scoffers

What were the scoffers in Peter’s day scoffing at when they asked, “Where is the promise of His coming?” (2 Peter 3:3) Modern-day prophecy writers argue that anyone who questions that the return of Jesus is near based on Israel becoming a nation again and certain end-time signs is an end-time scoffer, and Peter had them in mind when he wrote his second letter. The simple fact is, the New Testament writers, including Peter (1 Peter 4:7; cf. Heb. 9:26), taught that Jesus would return “shortly” (Rev. 1:1, 3; 22:10), before the last apostle died (John 21:18–24; Matt.16:27–28), within a generation (Matt. 24:34), because the time was “near” for them (James 5:7–9; Rev. 1:3) that the old covenant was in the process of passing away. The “coming” mentioned by a number of New Testament writers was a “coming” in judgment, not a physical coming like Jesus’ incarnation, but similar to the predicted comings that resulted in judgments by God as described by Old Testament prophets (e.g., Isa. 19:1; Micah 1:2–4; Zeph. 1).

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Is Jesus Coming Soon?

Wars and rumors of wars, famines, plagues, and earthquakes. These are the biblical signs. All of them are realities of planet earth in our day. Is Jesus coming back soon? Did Jesus provide an exact, predictable scenario as so many modern prophecy writers advocate? The answer to these questions will shock the majority and ambush the sentries of the end-times quo. The question on the minds of believers has always been: Is Jesus coming soon? A Great little book to put in the hands of someone who is beginning to study biblical prophecy. Possibly, you would be that person.

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