Sorry Kids, But the Adults Have Lied to You

By Dave Daubenmire

I had the opportunity to speak to a group of high school seniors again this week.  I love the opportunity to openly dialogue with our future leaders.  This is the best way to find out exactly what is the make up of those “skulls full of mush.

Because they are seniors, they fall in the age range of 17-19 although there often may be exceptions.   Most of them were able to vote in the election of 2020.  I told them that when they double their age, they will be running this nation.  It is a sobering thought.

It is also a scary thought.  The idea that the vote of one of these high school students counts the same as mine is a ploy.  Leftists would never succeed without the vote of the brainwashed public-school graduates.  Most of them have no idea how the world operates.  A case could be made that the schools are designed to keep them ignorant.  We can never remain ignorant and free.  But then again, what do you expect from a system that teaches that wearing face diapers makes us safe.

Go figure.

Even worse, is the condition of the “Christians” in the room.  It is safe to say that not even 1 in 100 understand Biblical principles nor can they clearly articulate what makes something right or wrong.  The current church-system is responsible for the lack of Scriptural understanding in the adherents, but I will save that discussion for another day.

Here is the Truth.  So much of what we teach our children today is not true.  Facts, evidence, and proof used to be required before any educated person would be expected to believe a premise postulated by a person in authority.  Ronald Reagan called it “trust but verify.”  Today, belief demands no facts, evidence, or proof.

Feelings rule the day.  That is the result of years of secularism being spewed out of the mouths of such “experts” as Oprah and other celebrities that our children are taught to emulate.  The opinion of “stars” like LeBron James, a great basketball player with merely a high school education, has more influence over Americans than their grandparents.  The average adult remains silent as our schools, and most of society teach our children things that simply are not based in facts.

Permit me to list a few of the things we teach our children for which there is no proof.

  • Humans evolved from apes.
  • Climate change is caused by man.
  • People are born homosexuals.
  • Government knows what is best.
  • Government does not lie.
  • Bruce Jenner is a woman.
  • An unborn baby is not a person.
  • Some things are free.
  • There is no God.
  • There are many different races of people.
  • White people rigged the system.
  • Lee Oswald acted alone.
  • My heritage holds you back.
  • Safe sex outside of marriage.
  • Contradictory truths.
  • Belief is proof.
  • Judges and courts make laws.
  • A real dollar is a piece of paper printed by the government.
  • God loves everyone just as they are.
  • There is no God.
  • Government grants us our rights.
  • Speech is free until someone objects.
  • The Federal Reserve is a government agency.
  • Ditto the IRS.
  • Some women have a penis.
  • Cheaters never win and winners never cheat.
  • Evidence is proof.
  • Popular opinion is never wrong.
  • Humanism and secularism are not religions.
  • The vaccines are safe.
  • Porn is free speech.
  • Homosexual behavior is normal.
  • You can borrow your way out of debt.
  • College makes one smarter.
  • America owes you something.
  • America is a democracy.
  • Science is never biased.
  • Right and wrong are determined by the courts.
  • Majority always rules.
  • If it feels good, do it.

I could go on.  So could you.  None of those statements is true yet they are taught as fact. Together we could list 1000 half-truths that we teach to our children every day.  Half-truth is a full lie.  Adults regularly lie to the children.

If Truth makes us free, why do we permit lies to be taught?  Why do we pay for our schools to teach half-truths and opinions as fact?  If every Doctor in the world told us that vaccinations were safe would that make it so?

We adults get what we pay for.  Go along to get along.  Stop worrying about Truth.  Tell them lies. Lies make us feel better.

“I wanna be like Mike!”

Ask LeBron James what he thinks.  He can dunk.  He is a millionaire.  He wears Nikes. He is on TV.  Just do it.

It is time to stop lying to our children.

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