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Michael Earl Riemer is a poet, skilled machinist, woodcarver, preacher, home Bible-study teacher, Sunday school teacher, and author. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he now makes his home in the nation of the Philippines on its southernmost island, Mindanao. He resides there with his wife and young son.

He enjoys writing and has written gospel tracts and articles on various subjects and issues. He has authored several books: a collection of poems and short stories titled The Path Life Takes, Musings on Creation and Evolution, an assortment of short articles of well-reasoned arguments refuting evolution, God is One Divine Being, a closely reasoned book dealing with the Godhead, and a book on the subject of eschatology entitled, ISRAEL, RAPTURE, TRIBULATION: How to Sort Biblical Fact from Theological Fiction.

His interest in, and later the study of, eschatology started shortly before his born-again experience (1973) in a Pentecostal church. It was there that he heard the preaching of an inspiring, “fiery,” and well versed evangelist expounding upon Bible prophecy. He has been “hooked” on eschatology ever since.

He is interested in “nature” and the wonders of creation. For much of his life he has enjoyed reading about those things in books and in his (former) subscription to National Geographic magazine. But after reading the creation story in Genesis, and the seemingly “short” history of the earth presented there, contrasted against the backdrop of the billions of years of evolutionary history “demanded” by evolutionists and many scientists, he began to look into that subject. He now understands that evolution is a thinly disguised religion hiding behind the veil of science. He writes articles to help unmask and expose this dangerous and destructive religion.

He is also very concerned about God’s Kingdom, “My Father’s World.” He spends some time each week “beautifying” God’s Kingdom by picking up trash, pulling out weeds, and planting bushes and flowers. He teaches those in his speaking engagements and Sunday school classes to take dominion over each square inch of ground their feet trod upon, for God is interested in everything; each and every activity done under the sun on His planet, throughout each and every culture and nation.


He was wounded in the battle, blood flowed from His side.
He never was defeated, but He winced, bent low, and cried.
The price was very great, much glory put aside.
He was also torn and bruised, but joy was still inside.

His shame was oh so great, crushing pain and agony.
Kneeling in the garden, a place called Gethsemane.
Betrayed by a friend, forsaken by the rest;
Assailed by His accusers, He withstood their cruelest test.

Laid inside a tomb, a cold and barren place.
A light was there that darkness just could not erase.
The glory that burst forth that morn so long ago
Has rippled down through time and can rapture any soul.

The high and lofty One, the God of eternity,
Looks down through the ages in thought of you and me.

Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches
and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing.

– Revelation 5:12