Michael’s Musings,  Poem

The Path Life Takes

A thing of beauty is a wild horse,
As it runs along the way.
It doesn’t stop and ponder
All it will do today.

It knows not the sorrow
A broken heart can bring.
It doesn’t know the warmth,
The way a loving hug
Can cause your heart to sing.

It feels not the pain
Caused by selfishness and pride.
It does not feel so alone
That it wants to run and hide.

It only knows it likes
To run along the plain.
And it does not stop to worry
’Bout the things in life to gain.

Sometimes I feel I’d like
To be that wild horse.
Just to run along the plain,
And let life take its course.

But if I never had pain,
Heartache, care, or strife,
I’d never know the depths of joy
That God can give to life.

So, though it might be nice
To live carefree like a wild horse,
God can still give great joy,
While problems around you course.


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